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Advertising is just not what it used to be. So many businesses have evolved to doing more internet & digital advertising in their Media mix then ever before!

Digital advertising will drive your sales and ROI- Nielsen concluded that brands can experience a return of almost three dollars in incremental sales for every dollar spent in online advertising that has been precisely delivered using purchase-based information.

Digital advertising will enhance whatever methods of advertising you are currently using. - Your investment in digital advertising will help drive attention towards the other media you are using. Adding online to the media mix has a positive impact on the campaign ROI for all media, from a +4% for radio to +51% for outdoor and a push of +70% for television! You can't loose!

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digital advertising will....

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Digital advertising is more effective than traditional advertising. - digital advertising can generally be seen to be among the most efficient means of reaching an audience.

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U.S. adults are estimated to spend 4 hours, 28 minutes per day in front of their TV. Combining online and mobile devices, however, U.S. adults are expected to spend 5 hours, 46 minutes with digital media daily this year, increasing digital’s lead over television to well over one hour per day.

Digital advertising is proving its worth to brand marketers every day by creating new desire and demand, increasing engagement and loyalty, and ringing the cash register.

There is a reason why the worlds leading CPG (consumer package goods) companies invest so heavily in digital advertising. It works!

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