We can add a customized look to your business cards. Why use business cards in this digital age when it seems that everyone, from toddlers through grannies, has a digital device in their hands or pressed to their ears? Isn't the traditional business card superfluous or at least old-fashioned?

Well, no. Here are seven reasons why you should still bother to get business cards printed for your small business and hand them out.

1. Digital devices, such as smartphones, are proliferating, but that doesn't necessarily make it any easier or faster to

    give someone your  business contact information. You could email the information to them but that necessitates

    getting a person's  email address and  inputting the information. How is that faster than just handing someone a

    business card?
2. Some people do not own digital devices. I know! How do they manage to struggle through each day? But 
there are

    a considerable number of people who still do not own a smartphone, tablet or even a plain old cell  phone.  If you

    want to sell things to some of these people, business cards can help.
3. Business cards have no downtime. They're never inaccessible because of dead spots or Internet outages. You can

    use them at a remote fishing camp or at an industry conference in the mid-city hotel - or even in situations where

    cell phones and other digital devices need to be turned off, such as on planes or in hospitals.
4. Business cards provide a legitimacy to your small business. When faced with businesses that don't have

    well-known names or long-established reputation that they haven't dealt with before, they judge a business on its

    appearance (and what other people  say about it).  Having acceptable looking business cards is one way that you

    cue people that you are running a real business  and will do right by them.
5. Business cards provide promotional opportunities. Obviously, you promote your small business when you have a

    business card; you're hoping that the person you’re giving it to will use the information on the card to contact you.

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True, small companies, especially if they are just starting out, don't have much money to invest in quality design. Professional logo design can be perceived like an avoidable expense but a do-it-yourself approach can be counterproductive and costly in the long run. Why?

When our do-it-yourself business owner stops at the print shop to have business cards made he is suddenly confronted with the fact that the printer can't make cards from a Word document. The print shop will redesign the logo and will add the cost to the total. But there's more.
What if the small business needs a large sign or billboard? The billboard company will often redesign the logo once again (more cost) , probably with slightly different colors and fonts that may not exactly match the originals.
These inconsistencies when summed up over time, may damage the image of quality and professionalism that small companies strive to build in the marketplace. Competition can be hard, why make it harder by looking unprofessional?
But what are the elements that make a logo look professional?
Let's look at three of them:

  1. a good logo differentiates your company from the competitors
  2. it's well executed
  3. it looks good in different media and formats

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